News November 10, 2023

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Dear Friends and Members,

We’re entering the final week of our congregation’s Capital Campaign, and I have LEGOs on the brain. Granted, I’m a parent of two LEGO-loving children. But I’ve also come to see these colorful little bricks as symbols of our campaign. LEGO bricks represent the financial building blocks to carry out our aspirations. Each piece may be small on its own, but forms an important part of the whole. Some pieces are red; some are blue, green, purple or yellow. I like to think that each piece was placed with care and even joy- a joy that comes from building something beautiful together.

This campaign represents a true collective effort on behalf of so many people- volunteers, staff, ministers, team leaders and Board members. It’s helped us reflect on our vision for the future and on our values and priorities. Congregants have built and strengthened connections to one another through house meetings and steward visits. We’ve shared feedback and ideas through surveys and other conversations. It’s more apparent than ever that we are a community of thoughtful, engaged people who are committed to putting our values into action.

I’m grateful that I’ve had the chance to get to know many of you better and learn about what meaning this congregation has in your lives. The more time I spend with this loving community, the more convinced I am that we have an important role to play in widening love’s circle in Houston and beyond.

As we approach the official campaign close, I thank everyone who has given their time, talent and treasure to realizing our vision for the future. For those who haven’t yet “added a brick”, please review the pledge card that you’ll soon receive in the mail, or visit our congregation’s Capital Campaign page for additional information. Big or small, yellow or red, all contributions are meaningful additions to the whole.  

I’m excited to enjoy a LEGO-themed party on Dec. 8 with those who’ve pledged to the capital campaign. We’ll celebrate what we’ve accomplished and energize ourselves for what we have left to do. Come and let’s rejoice in what we’re building together.

With love,
Sheryl Abrahams

Vice President of the Board and Capital Campaign Team Member