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Social systems can be changed by people of good will. As we search for the beloved community, we embrace a set of beliefs and values based on our lived experiences that liberate and produce free people and open societies. Acceptance of these emancipatory premises lead us into providing a meaningful and peaceful future for future generations. This is the path that Dr. Thurman and other social justice activist blazed.

Join us as we explore the life and work of Howard Thurman, a pioneering theologian and civil rights leader. Thurman's teachings on spirituality, social justice, and racial reconciliation have had a profound impact on American religious life. During this workshop, we will dive deep into Thurman's legacy and explore how his ideas can continue to inform and inspire our efforts to create more inclusive and welcoming communities. Join us for this engaging and thought-provoking event!

“The only history I know is one that drives us into the future, moving like a river into the best possible evolution.”
Vincent Harding, There is a River, XXV

Omowale Luthuli-Allen is a human rights activist and community activist. Along with a core group of student activists, he co-led the fight to bring democracy to the University of Houston, graduating from the University of Houston in 1970.