Community Projects Team

Community Projects Team

Donations to Phillis Wheatley School

Diana Wolfthal, the president of Friends of Phillis Wheatley High School, dropped by to thank everyone who donated and participated in the Toiletry Donation Drive organized by First Houston’s Community Projects Team. The school is in an economically-challenged area, and the donations are much needed by the students.

Pictured behind the donations are Warren S., Diane S., Rev. Scott, Diana Wolfthal, Charles J., and Phil R.

Our generosity continues as we begin collecting food staples for the Fall Feed the Community Drive, scheduled for November 6, 13 and 20.

Our Community Projects Team is signing up volunteers to help spruce up another house! On October 22nd, in partnership with Rebuilding Together Houston, a home in an under-resourced community will be revitalized. Volunteers with a wide range of skills are welcome to come help. Contact to volunteer or get more information.

Upcoming Opportunities to Volunteer:

  • October 22                        Rebuilding Together Houston house repairs
  • November 5                      Tree planting at Schnur Park
  • November 13                     Feed the Community Food Drive
  • November 20                   Feed the Community Food Drive
  • November TBA                 Yates Museum historic house restoration
  • December 10                    Tree planting at Wildheather Park
  • December TBA                  Yates Museum historic house restoration

Please let us know if you have volunteered
with any of these organizations!
If you have other ideas, please contact the CPT at