Community Projects Team

Community Projects Team

Upcoming Projects

The restoring of historic homes in Freedmen’s Town at the Rutherford B.H. Yates Museum continues. If you are handy with a hammer or paintbrush, contact the team to volunteer your time. Read about the work the Community Projects Team has done here.

Sunday, October 8 and Sunday, October 15
Donations will be collected at a table in Channing Hall

Please bring new or gently used clothing for Men, Women & Children:
T-Shirts, Shirts and Blouses, Shorts and Pants
Sweaters, Fleece, Jackets and Coats
Shoes, Socks and Belts

They also need:
Towels, Sheets and Pillowcases
Backpacks, Duffle Bags and Suitcases

There will be another community clean-up day at
Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy
In October – check back for the exact date.

Rebuild Together Houston

The next dates to help repair a home for a low-income senior, U.S. Military Veteran, or homeowner with disabilities are October 14 and October 21. You don’t have to have carpentry skills, just a willingness to help! Contact the Community Projects Team to volunteer your time.