Wednesday Discussions by Zoom

Mindful Meditation
5:00 - 6:00 PM, Always by Zoom

To get the Zoom meeting link, please send an email to by Thursday morning, and if you would like to receive weekly reminder emails with the topics for this group and the Sunday Discussion Group, please let us know.

All are welcome to join us for fun, facilitated, educational discussions on a variety of interesting and thought-provoking topics including political and personal issues, racism, climate change, current events, health care, UU values, and many more.

The group upholds and honors a group covenant and discussion guidelines (see below) to create a safe community for sharing our differing perspectives, learning from each other, and practicing our UU values reflected in the UU Principles. Coordinator: Pam P.

The online Zoom Room will have a host at 4:45 pm for casual conversations before we begin the discussion at 5:00 pm.


Wednesday, April 17:  
What form of reparations to Black people in the United States would be effective and fair?  

  (1) Rebuilding Tulsa With or Without Reparations -;
(2) Will California Do Reparations Right?;
(3) Beyond 40 Acres and a Mule -
Julie Dunsmore

Wednesday, April 24: 

What kind of computer companion would you construct if you could, and why?

Jim Gordon

May Topics:
Wednesday, May 1:  

What is the most awesome thing you have experienced in nature?

James Wooten

Wednesday, May 8: 

What strategies or tools do you find most helpful in managing uncertainty, whether they’re psychological, practical, or philosophical?

Pam Perry

Wednesday, May 15:  

Special Presentation on “Carbon Capture & Hydrogen: Climate Solutions or Climate Fraud” followed by questions and answers.  Join Paige Powell, an expert on this matter, to learn more about the proposed carbon capture and hydrogen build-out, its environmental impacts, public risks, and social justice implications.

Paige Powell

Wednesday, May 22:*

What are some strategies we can use to help us accept our mortality, especially because our culture and the medical community are not usually helpful?

Jim Gordon
*Meeting at 5:45 to choose topics for June. All are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, May 29:  

What is a UU in Houston? Are UUs connected or islands of individual congregations? The UU denomination’s roots are linked to today’s Houston UUs.

Ron Hammons

We honor the group covenant and guidelines listed below.



We, the Participants, Facilitators, Presenters and Zoom Hosts, welcome everyone, as together we create a safe, supportive and compassionate community where we practice the values reflected in the Unitarian Universalist Principles and by following discussion guidelines.


We agree to participate fully and respectfully by:

1.  Listening attentively with curious and supportive attention; and waiting to speak until we have raised our hand and have been called on by the facilitator or presenter;

2.  Waiting until our turn to share our comments and questions with the whole group, refraining from interruptions and side conversations;

3.  Limiting our comments to two or three minutes, depending on group size, unless you are the presenter, who is encouraged to limit their presentation to 5 to 15 minutes; 

4.  Remembering that this is a supportive discussion group but not a support group, so confidentiality is not guaranteed; 

5.  Accepting and addressing our differing perspectives and biases with kindness and compassion in our learning community;

6.  Speaking from our personal experience and beliefs, rather than generalizing or stereotyping individuals or groups of people;

7.  Accepting that some concepts and issues might make us feel uncomfortable.

8.  ON ZOOM:  We agree to reduce distracting noises and behaviors by:

     a.  Muting our mics before and after our turn; 

     b.  Turning off our video screen when we are eating, walking around, moving around a lot, talking with someone, or not available to give good attention; and

     c.  Refraining from using the Chat function, especially when someone is talking, and waiting to take a turn to explain what we are posting to Chat.