Vision, Mission, and Covenant Committee

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The Vision, Mission, and Covenant Committee at First Church

Vision, Mission, and Covenant

     Incorporating your input, the Vision, Mission, and Covenant Committee (VMCC)  has crafted our Vision, Mission, and Covenant statements – statements that we’ll aspire to and promise to live by in the upcoming years.

     In January 2020, First Houston established four Developmental Ministry Goals for Rev. Dr. Colin Bossen’s 5-year tenure. One of the four goals follows:

“Identity - Mission / Vision / Covenant: What kind of a church do we want to become?”

     • Discern who we are now, where are we going in the future, how we will behave.

     • Build a culture of mutual trust and develop effective ways to have open and      transparent communications with each other (members, Board, clergy and staff).

     • Craft a Mission, Vision and Covenant that are common knowledge and, along with a Strategic Plan and Annual Vision of Ministry, inform decision-making.”

We put our Vision, Mission, and Covenant, that have gone unwritten for so long, into words.

On Sunday, 3/5/2023, at a Congregational Meeting, you will have the opportunity to vote on our carefully drafted Vision, Mission, and Covenant Statements.

     -- The VMCC – Sheryl Abrahams, Board Liaison; Sonal Bindu; Reverend Colin Bossen, Stephen Braun; Johanna DeYoung; Mirta Estrada; Mary Koch; Rebecca Throop; and P. D. Wadler.

Rev. Dr. Colin Bossen's Sermons on the Vision, Mission and Covenant

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January 22, 2023 sermon HERE

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