News – November 18, 2022

Hello and Happy Bread Communion week!

Hello and Happy Bread Communion week!

While the word “communion” has a theistic or Christian connotation for many of us in this part of the world, Unitarian Universalists also have Communions.  We have a Water Communion, a Bread Communion and a Flower Communion each year.  For Unitarian Universalists “communion” is connected to “community”.  We talk about our church’s beloved community, the one where we can bring our whole self, be transformed, grow and share.  Where we can know and be known.  Where we can bring up our children and where we can age into wisdom.  Where we can both lay our burdens down and pick up those of the world to fight together: where we make good trouble.  And this time of year, we offer the opportunity to reflect on our ancestors, bringing forward anything forgotten that may be useful.  Connecting to ancestors can bring a feeling of being grounded or connected to the wonderful diverse people that have made up human history and in particular to our own unique human histories.

We hope you will join us this Sunday for our annual multi-generational Bread Communion service.  You are invited to bring bread.  We encourage you to think about your ancestors and bring them into the making of bread and into the service with you.  Your ancestors may have made challah or Irish soda bread or pupusas. Your grandmother may have made amazingly delicious moist zucchini bread loved by you and all your siblings.  Make some bread and bring it to this special service.  Of course, you could also pick some up from your favorite or most convenient bakery.  Meaning making doesn’t have to be homemade.  And if you don’t make or buy bread, come anyway.  We will be reflecting, sharing, singing, drawing and we’ll have plenty of bread to share.

We have other special events during the holidays that we hope you will join to make your holiday season meaningful, bringing in tradition, sacred moments that brighten your spirit and bring joy.  See below for details and watch for more to come.

With love and joy!

See you Sunday,