News November 17, 2023

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Dear Friends and Members,

I’ve been reflecting on gratitude this month.

Here are a few of the things I am grateful for right now.

I’m grateful for a friend who asked me to be her partner in 10 minutes of meditation at least once per day, sharing when we do it, to keep each other on track.  I have become aware of the huge benefit of clearing my mind, which tends to be overwhelmed with details by this simple practice.  I am feeling gratitude.

I am grateful to the volunteers who led Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education program for teens, which just finished up this past week.  Unitarian Universalism’s commitment to youth and families on this very important, sensitive subject is a part of my deep appreciation of our faith.  And of course, the people who make it happen, our First UU volunteer leaders, are amazing, giving folk, and we couldn’t do it without them.  I am feeling gratitude.

I am grateful for the cooler weather, which brings all kinds of changes in the trees, the urban animals and in my own choices.  I am feeling gratitude.

It feels good to pay attention to the gifts that come our way, sometimes through the work we do, sometimes through the relationships we build and sometimes by what feels like a stroke of luck or a gift from the universe.  I have come to see the world as something over which I have little control, which surprisingly feels more of a relief than a frustration these days.  It allows me to take what comes and when I remember, I look for what I can be grateful for.  Then, it feels like a good day.  😊

We hope you join us for Bread Communion this Sunday.  If you wish, bring a bread that comes from your family, your ancestors or just that you love.  Bake it or pick it up from your favorite bakery or grocery.  Join us for reflection on ancestors, community, giving to the world that needs us and giving gratitude for it all.  We will celebrate and feel the love of those gathered while we enjoy the bites of tasty, varied breads shared by our beloved community.

Carol Burrus
Director of Religious Community