News – October 10, 2021

A Message from the Music Director at First UU Church

Music gives wings to the mind, a soul to the universe,
flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, a life to everything — Plato

Indeed, music serves an essential role in Unitarian Universalism. It can help us to experience our worship services on a deeper level, it helps us express ourselves during public demonstrations of social justice, and it can help us to deepen our UU traditions within the home.

This Sunday, after each of our services, I look forward to leading our “Inquirers’ Series,” discussing UU music and the many ways our First Church members and friends can be involved in our music program. I particularly enjoy discussing our many music resources: Did you know that we have three UU hymnals as well as a supplemental book of readings? The hymnals are often referred to as “gray,” “teal” and “purple,” these books are tremendous resources, and offer more than just music. Singing the Living Tradition (gray, published in 1993) includes our UU Principles and Sources. Of course it also contains hundreds of hymns (including music from all over the world in several different languages), but it also includes over 300 readings. Singing the Journey (teal, published in 2005) has become the source of many newer songs in the UU tradition, like “Blue Boat Home,” “Lean On Me,” “Meditation On Breathing,” and more. And Las voces del camino (purple, published in 2009) is our Spanish language hymnal, including Spanish versions of popular UU hymns, as well as dozens of songs from Latinx cultures around the world. If you don’t already own these tremendous resources, any of them can easily be purchased HERE.

Consider using music to deepen your relationship with Unitarian Universalism — maybe even developing some music traditions at home.

I hope you will join me this Sunday to learn more about UU music!

Mark Vogel
Music Director

Inquirers' Series at First UU Church

The Music Program
at First UU Church!

Music is an integral part
of our worship services.

Learn about the First Houston Sanctuary Choir, summer choir, String Band and
how the music
program is specially developed for each service!

Join Mark this Sunday.
At 10:45 am
and also immediately
after the 2nd service

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