News – September 15, 2023

Cover September 17, 2023
Dear Friends and Members,

This church has been around a long time....about 120 years.

It has provided a place for people who believed religion could be open, expansive and enriching.  Here in this place, people could be nurtured and guided, creating the kind of world they believed was possible.  It is that kind of place.

Our children get the joy of adult attention who bless them through their presence, who show them that differences beautify and enrich us, who nurture both self-confidence and an awareness of others’ needs.  Our teenagers get to explore who they are, as they question their heritage and learn about the greater world.

And for those who are “already grown up”, we continue to grow and change, to shift our thinking, get called into action to make changes in the world.  And what better way to do it than with a group of people who gathered here to create the kind of world they believed was possible?

How does change happen?  I find that coming to church often has changed me.  I am reminded how to find that better self that I know is inside me.  The self that doesn’t say “me first”….the self that doesn’t feel hopeless and helpless in the face of so many wrongs in the world: that’s the one that grows here, because I look around and see others walking the walk.  I see opportunities for me to reflect, to join the march, to take that better self with me to the other parts of my life.  I feel a part of something bigger than myself.

So, whether you are new to this place or whether you’ve been here a long time, I urge you at this new beginning of a new year to be engaged with the people here.  Come often to church, whenever you can.  Join a group, to allow the space and time to get to know others and grow your soul.  Come to one or all of the opportunities to help our community that our Community Projects team has provided for us or get involved with our justice work.  Watch for fun church-wide activities we will do throughout the year.  Join me on this journey.  With you, we will create the kind of world we believe is possible.

See you Sunday!

Carol Burrus
Director of Religious Community