News – July 21, 2023

Cover July 23, 2023

Dear Members and Friends

Let's Celebrate Our Climate Accomplishments

Some believe that ending global warming is impossible, a Sisyphus task. The Gods cursed Sisyphus with rolling a boulder up a hill. When he got close to the top, the Gods laughed and rolled it back down again. But some say “Forget Sisyphus. Climate action is rolling a boulder DOWN a hill with millions of people helping”. We have lots of evidence that we are moving forward. UU Ministry for the Earth said “Global warming is the greatest moral and spiritual crisis facing earth's people.” Paradigm shifts are powered by passionate people not cautious politicians. What's required is putting nature at the center of all our daily decisions. Check out the fun video the UN made:  

The boulder rolling downhill, of course requires people to help. And many are. Come see our display in Channing Hall of 7 posters celebrating local, as well as international leaders and what they have done to combat global warming, from Sunday, July 23 until our July Plant-Based Potluck on Friday, July 28.    To see them online go to: During the Plant-Based Potluck you can hear from a local panel: What our church is doing for the climate. You can join in to help any of these leaders and the church in large or small ways.

So many are passionate because there are some really horrible possible futures. Collapse of civilization, catastrophic weather events and human extinction are what we are fighting against. Almost 60% of Houstonians agree that “global warming is a very serious threat” (2023 Kinder Houston Area Survey), and that’s in Houston, known for and powered by the oil industry for decades. But Houston is gaining more new energy jobs than we lose in fossil fuel jobs. These are some of the forward steps being noted and celebrated.

People of all ages having something to offer. Our gifts to the seven generations connect us to the future. The Pope said: "Leaving an inhabitable planet to future generations is, first and foremost, up to us." None of us can live forever, but we can be  good ancestors. And if we are, it will make a difference. What will you do to be a good ancestor?

Being in a church community means you can join with others, which is not only more effective, but easier and more fun. Come learn what people have been doing. Come join us working together for the future. 

Nan Hildreth
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston
Co-leader of Climate Action Team