News – July 15, 2022

Dear Beloved Community,

      As an undergraduate student, I and a small handful of my classmates had the honor of breaking bread with a Holocaust survivor, Gunter Hauer. During the dinner, we each had the opportunity to ask Mr. Hauer one question. At the time, in the Spring of 2016, our country was in the throes of an election season rife with racially coded language and authoritarian overtures. It was already looking like we, as a nation, were headed down an unthinkably dark path. 

      With the election weighing heavily on my mind, I asked Mr. Hauer what he though of politics these days. I will never forget his response. "It scares me," the Holocaust survivor said of our current situation in the United States. He went on to explain that, having grown up in Berlin in the 1930s, he had heard on the radio the hateful tirades of a man who blamed all the nations problems on small minorities, and who claimed to be the only person able to return the mantle of greatness to the nation. Mr. Hauer saw similar things happening in the United States today. 

      I share this story because, as the UU Voting Justice Organizer for the Houston area, it's my job to organize Unitarian Universalists and friends to meet the urgency of this moment. And I'm here to tell you, it's your job too. If you are scared, or disgusted, or just plain fed up with the hateful tirades, the scapegoating of minorities, the rise of fascist and white supremacist politics, then I have one word for you: organize. First, make sure you are registered to vote. Then, make sure the people you live with are. Finally, join us, in our UU the Vote Initiative. We will be working with our congregants, neighbors, and partner organizations to help people both to register and to vote.  Your vote can make a difference, but your voice, your help in getting others to vote--that can change the world.

      So please, if you want to use your voice to change the world and advocate for your UU values of democracy, stop by the Justice Coordinating Council table at Channing Hall after Sunday service, and email to connect with our efforts.

Jordan Ostrum
Voting Justice Organizer

Where are the Ministers in July?


      Rev. Colin remains on sabbatical, researching his book and enjoying England. You can follow along on his adventures via his blog. He’ll be back in the pulpit on September 11.

      Rev. Scott will be in the pulpit on July 10, then leave for vacation later that week. He will be gone the 14th through the 25th, during which time Director of Religious Community Carol Burrus will be available for concerns of pastoral care.