News – June 17, 2022

Hello Members and Friends,

Summer is a great time for slowing down and reflecting. In the past, before air conditioning was ubiquitous, folks who lived in Houston and other parts of the sticky, humid South slowed down in the summer. The heat MADE people slow their bodies and kept them from thinking too much, too fast. My husband’s Dad used to say that growing up in the heat of a Texas summer meant that everyone stopped in the afternoon to rest….and not much got done.    🙂 

What if we re-created that summer ritual  Could we possibly give ourselves some time to journal, hang out to chat with family or friends.. and maybe even nap each day during the summer? Or some portion of the days?

 Let’s do it!

  Here are some possible questions to ponder, journal about, discuss in conversations with friends:

·         What is the most important part of my life right now?

·         What do I wish I was doing more of these days?

·         What relationships do I want to deepen, to spend more time on?

·         What ways could I do more self-care that helps me be my most healthy, happy self?

Reflection helps us determine where we are and where we want to go. Rest is so important to health, perhaps the most important thing! I hope you will join me.

I wanted to share with the whole congregation that I am taking a month off, from June 13-July 12. The church has allowed me, by my request, to move to an 11-month position. This change gives me a month off  to take care of some home tasks and to travel some. I will miss you all and look forward to seeing you when I return. 

Jon Naylor, volunteer, and Alex Keimig, staff will be covering for me. is the best way to reach Jon if you need to communicate regarding religious education for children and youth or nursery care. Alex, at is available for other questions that you would normally direct to me.

Here’s hoping for a summer with at least moments of joy, of rest and of reflection!

Carol Burrus
Director of Religious Community