News – June 16, 2023

Cover June 18, 2023

Dear Members and Friends:

We are excited to share that this Spring and Summer, a group of volunteers on our newly-formed Adult Programs Steering Team are planning an expanded Fall lineup of Adult Programs. The team is reviewing your input to the Developmental Ministry and Covenant formation, as well as the church’s adoption of the 8th Principle, to create opportunities for engagement within and beyond the Church. We want to provide opportunities to enhance spiritual and intellectual growth, build community, and create new relationships and meaning for life’s challenges.

We bring diverse perspectives and generate many ideas each meeting sure to be of interest. Whether it is a deeper discussion of sermons, exploring topics to enhance our shared existence, facilitating UUA history and curricula, or simply having a picnic, it is being considered. We know how much UUs love to listen, learn, and engage with others!

We would welcome ideas or speakers from you as we work over the summer to build the schedule. Discuss your idea with Steve Braun, Susan Daniels, Adam Dyer, Heather Farina, Dianne Reece, Rebecca Throop, Paul Smolen, or Kim Waller.  OR you can email

Dianne Reece, Adult Programs Steering Team
& Carol Burrus, Director of Religious Community