News – April 22, 2022

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston

Dear Members and Friends,

      I watched a Saturday Night Live sketch a few months ago… maybe you saw the one? It was about people going to a party after the long COVID isolation. In various ways each guest was completely unable to engage in party chat or any coherent conversation. Funny because it felt all too true. We humans need other humans to feel ourselves. 

      If you haven’t returned to church yet, I invite you to reflect and consider doing so, with your own health in mind of course, and to change your COVID Sunday morning habits. Maybe you watch the First UU service livestream, or drink many of cups of coffee and flip through social media on your phone, or some other ritual. We invite you now to return in person to our beloved community’s Sunday morning gatherings. Church is such a great place to connect, and we miss you!

      Since July, we’ve been meeting in person for worship, choosing careful practices so those who gathered could be as safe as possible. Now it is Spring, and we are excited that the COVID numbers in our area and over much of the U.S. have dropped enough that more of us feel like we can safely return to see our friends, visit and share about our lives, work on community projects, and be together.  

      Since August, for children, we’ve offered religious education at both services. We’ve had special opportunities for teens to be involved in our upcoming Earth Day service, read Trevor Noah’s book Born a Crime, and dug deep into what it means to make a difference in one’s community. This Spring, we are also running an Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education for
7th - 9th grade and a Coming of Age group where our 8th graders create a CREDO or statement of belief, learn about Unitarian Universalism and our church, and more. We have a Parent’s Group that helps parents create a grounded home life and solve the problems that often arise in raising children. We have lots of adult groups, some meeting in person and meeting via hybrid setup that connects in-person and online attendees. There have also been many ways to engage with our Green Revolution with hands-on projects, volunteering, and special fun events. These offerings are here for the taking, and make a positive difference in your children’s and your family life. 

      I hope you will join us this Sunday for our annual multi-generational Earth Day Service. Rev. Colin and I will be joined by some of our youth, who helped shape the service. There will be lots of music and inspiration...

… and that all-important chance to visit with real life people!

See you Sunday,

Carol Burrus
Director of Religious Community