News March 15, 2024

Cover March 17, 2024
Dear Members and Friends,

The female, and two chicks,
each no bigger than my thumb,

in their pale-green dresses;
then they rose, tiny fireworks,
into the leaves
and hovered;
then they sat down,
each one with dainty, charcoal feet –
each one on a slender branch –
and looked at me.
I had meant no harm,
I had simply
climbed the tree
for something to do
on a summer day,
not knowing they were there,
ready to burst the ledges
of their mossy nest
and to fly, for the first time,
in their sea-green helmets,
with brisk, metallic tails –
each tulled wing,
with every dollop of flight,
drawing a perfect wheel
across the air.
Then, with a series of jerks,
they paused in front of me
and, dark-eyed, stared –
as though I were a flower –
and then,
like three tosses of silvery water,
they were gone.
in the crown of the tree,
I went to China,
I went to Prague;
I died, and was born in the spring;
I found you, and loved you, again.
Later the darkness fell
and the solid moon
like a white pond rose.
But I wasn’t in any hurry.
Likely I visted all
the shimmering, heart-stabbing
questions without answers
before I climbed down.


Mary Oliver
White Pine (1994)

Come with us to the Texas Hill Country on March 23-25.   Come see the swarms of spring hummingbirds as you visit with friends on the comfy porch.  Sing, play, create, worship, hike, stargaze, rest, learn and visit with friendly interesting folk.  It's a great way to get connected and make friends.
Others cook for you and also do the dishes.   🙂

It's a great time.  Find the details and link here. Deadline to register is in the next day or so.
My husband, Charlie and I never miss it.  Hope you will come and join us there.