News March 1, 2024

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Dear Members and Friends,

To paraphrase a pulp fiction detective, the tension in the Sanctuary last Saturday was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Two titans of auction bidding demonstrated the acute need for a church parking solution as they bid up the price for a single, reserved parking spot. The bidding war continued far past what anyone could have imagined, but the auctioneer kept asking for more. There’s a special quality of that auctioneer imported from Nebraska, his ability to create excitement and to keep people raising their hands. But of course, in good Unitarian spirit, we created a second parking spot, and everyone’s a winner in the end!

Last Saturday was the culmination of our annual services auction. Hopefully you stayed to the end to catch the always eventful live auction. God bless the ukelele string band who have for years been “warming up” the start of the live auction with melodies that make us smile and sing along!

The auction was a huge success because of an outpouring of both donations from the congregation (and local businesses) and the buyers who recognize that you get something while the church rakes in all the proceeds. Some donors may use the auction as an opportunity to move unused items from their garages to someone who has a need. This exemplifies the spirit of “Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce” where we transfer things at a very reduced cost to our congregational friends. All the while the church benefits from your donations and the money that it raises.

Whether you are a collector of art from our talented congregants, enjoy attending wine and beer tasting events, love the friendly fun of home-hosted dinner parties, delight in finding that special hand-made jewelry item, or can splurge on a vacation home, there was something for everyone in the vast offerings of the auction.

My personal connection to our beloved community has been strengthened over the years through the jovial interactions at small group auction dinners. There’s nothing warmer than spending an evening together sharing a meal with your friends and neighbors, and cooking is always a labor of love that brings us closer together.

Most by now should have been contacted about your auction winnings. If you have any questions about receiving items won or the picking up of unsold items, please contact us at

Thank you to all the donors – the church depends on the auction for the operating budget. Also, special thanks to the auction team of Phil Richardson, Joe Zuchlewski, Earl Dredge, and Albert Pucio, and to the church staff for throwing a fantastic auction party!

See you at the next auction,

Joe Lach
Auction Team Member