News – February 17, 2023

Cover February 19, 2023

Dear Members and Friends,

This Sunday I’m offering the second sermon in a series of three leading up to the congregational vote on March 5th to adopt a new vision, mission, and covenant. I’ll be focusing on the proposed vision: widening love’s circle. The vision draws from the congregation’s history and our Universalist theological tradition. It suggests that the primary task of our religious community is to bring more love into the world. I’m looking forward to sharing the sermon with you and considering together how the proposed vision will enable the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston to thrive.


You can read the proposed vision, mission, and covenant statements HERE. If you missed my sermon on the covenant, you can read it HERE and watch it HERE. You might also find the sermon I preached last May on the Unitarian Universalist practice of covenant making helpful as you are preparing for the vote.


The work of creating a new vision, mission, and covenant for the congregation is some of the most important we will do together during the developmental ministry period. It has been exciting to see how seriously you have taken it. I believe that it is helping to build a stronger, vibrant and more loving community. The work you are doing now will have an impact for years to come and I feel privileged to be doing it with you.