News – January 21, 2022

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston Going Green

Dear Members and Friends,

We are undergoing a green revolution at First UU Church! Our 7th Principle, “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part,” encourages us to take care of the Earth. Why not work towards becoming more green?! Our Climate Action and Green Revolution Teams are joining efforts to help all of us become more aware, be more environmentally-friendly, and take action… Are you ready? We are!

January 23

What do you know about Permaculture?

Permaculture is one of the wonderful answers to climate change and rising temperatures. Our green teams invite us to learn about this fascinating process that gives us a new way of looking at the world. We can learn more through Urban Harvest’s Permaculture classes. They start this weekend! Partial scholarships are available to help with the class fee. Please send an email to

January 29
at 6:00 pm
First UU Church is sponsoring the Wild & Scenic Film festival!
An awe-inspiring, moving and educational series of short films from all over the world, including Houston, bringing stories and possibilities for protecting the environment, calls to action and more. Organized by the Citizens Environmental Coalition, this time you will be able to participate in-person (at MATCH, Midtown Arts & Theater Center) or online.

January 30
A Climate Action and Green Revolution Teams Conversation
Join us and share your reactions to the Wild & Scenic Film Festival and learn more about our green teams! Please send an email to to join via Zoom!

Next month, we are encouraging all members and friends to consider getting involved in one or more of the following environmentally-friendly actions. Let's work towards making personal changes!







Using less plastic, recycling everything, composting, eating vegetarian for a period of time (or gradually making it permanent), commuting by bike or bus, etc.

Speaking at City Council about your environmental concerns or make requests about the city's Climate Action Plan. (Ask Carol to join you).

Join our JCC (First UU Justice Coordinating Council) in efforts to get out the vote, to bring in leaders that will address climate change.

Volunteer for Earth Day at Discovery Green

Join the church's Garden Team or sign up for courses at Urban Harvest to become a gardener or part of a team of First UU Church permaculture experts.

Volunteer for a local, environmental non-profit for a year.

We are really working on being more green as a UU community! There are more additional activities being planned and we hope you join us! For now, please keep taking some steps, at your own pace, towards leading a more environmentally-friendly life, encouraging others to do the same and sharing your green journey 😊!


First UU Church Going Green

UBarU All-Church Retreat
March 25-28

Earth Day Service

April 3

Discovery Green's Earth Day Event

April 10

Earth Day Vespers Service

(Led by Rev. Dr. Colin Bossen)
Apr 22