News – January 20, 2023

Dear Members and Friends,

Where else would you find all this…in the space of a day or week?

children hearing a book that explores the feelings of being outside vs. inside, then taking a walk to feel it themselves

a group of pre-teens interviewing two church families about their ways of making a difference in the world

a group of teenagers spending 24 hours together to learn about the ways youth worship can fill their souls. planting trees in a city park and telling Dad jokes

a group strumming the ukulele and singing with great meaning

a feminist activist sharing her story

volunteer gardeners checking on the mustard greens, carrots and other veges our children planted from seed, to see how they are doing after the winter storm

a discussion of the risks seniors have while driving

a singer sharing from the pulpit examples of how different songs pushed our world toward justice and expressed the emotions and demands of a people

a group developing a plan for a year’s worth of community service

a songwriter sharing ideas about the process of songwriting and the creative flow


Well, there’s only one place I know of… and that’s our church.  And this isn’t even close to a comprehensive list.  Our church is a place that offers so much to those who come and get involved and to our greater community beyond our walls. 

What might happen in the coming weeks?  Want a sample?

youth visit over beverages at the sculpture garden and nearby café

a celebration of 100-year old member, Leonora Montgomery’s birthday

children singing The Garden Song with the String Band and burst the cuteness meter

a first annual plant-based chili cookoff potluck where we get stuffed with delicious-healthy-good-for-the-planet food, followed by an Open Mic for each person to have their few minutes of sharing, silliness or fame

And that’s not even close to all you can get involved with.  Check out everything that’s happening below in the newsletter and read it regularly or you might miss something that changes you, that gets you a new friend or brings you joy!

Carol Burrus
Director of Religious Community