News – January 7, 2022

Dear Members and Friends,

At this time of year,  letting go of the old and reflecting on what we want to keep going forward is a regular, common ritual.   We participated in this ritual at the Winter Solstice service and put the parts of our life we wanted to let go of… into a fire.  We will do the same with any children who join us for religious education on January 9th, a ritual we do annually in early January. 

What do you want to let go of at this juncture? 

What do you want to keep? 

What do you want to do more of in the coming months? 

Reflect on what seems missing.  What makes you feel connected to the earth, to those you love, to the joy you find in whatever activities you find lift your spirit.  Perhaps spending more time with a favorite aunt or cousin, or with an old friend.  Perhaps taking more walks in nature, getting away from town.  Consider what you want to add. 

Our church has some possibilities for connection, joy and nature, so watch for what will fill your spirit in Winter/Spring 2022 with your church community. 

I especially invite you to mark your calendar for March 25-28.  Some schools have off that Monday, so we chose this weekend to head to UBarU Retreat center in central Texas.  Lots of opportunities for exploring nature, for community connections, for learning, for relaxing, so plan to join us.  Details will be coming soon.  In the meantime, check out

 to get a sense of the place.  Just get it on your calendar and make your final decision in a few weeks.  These chances to get to know your church friends, have some relaxing time with your children or just for yourself, are just too precious to pass up. 

And even with the pandemic throwing wrenches into our plans, we hope you find ways to be joyful from time to time, to feel the wind in your hair, to feel the warm satisfaction of helping someone in need, to laugh until your sides hurt at your friend’s joking spirit.  May it be so.

Wishing us all a good new year!


Carol Burrus

Director of Religious Community