First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston – Covid-19 Protocol Update

Protocol Last Updated September 22, 2022

Dear Members, Friends, and Greater Community,

      At this time, in consultation with our Health Advisory Group of health professionals, we are again able to make mask wearing at First Houston optional. You are encouraged to continue to wear your mask if you are more comfortable doing so.

      While those who choose to remain masked may sit anywhere, we have marked off a small section of the sanctuary wherein mask wearing is still required for those who are more comfortable sitting near other mask-wearing persons.

      We still encourage the following:

      1. If you are ill or might be ill, or are suddenly feeling symptoms you would otherwise attribute
       to "allergies", please stay home! Many individuals who have recently been ill with COVID-19
       have described the onset of their symptoms as resembling seasonal allergies. Remain vigilant.

      2. Do not shake hands.

      3. Do not hug without clear permission.

      4. Try not to get too close to others when you are speaking to them.

      5. Wash your hands frequently, especially the fingers and palms.

We continue to offer both in-person and online programs and worship services. We welcome you to participate in our community in whatever manner feels most comfortable to you.

In community,

Tawanna Grice
Director of Finance & Operations