Changing Women

“Changing Woman” in Native American legend represents the feminine in creation.  

This mythic figure is a rich and powerful archetype.

Changing Women is an Earth-based spirituality discussion group and women's wisdom circle.

In-Person on the 2nd and 4th and 5th Sundays
Online during other Sundays

Native American spirituality has had a lasting effect on religious practices, especially in the United States. UU Changing Women embraces this tradition as we reflect upon the sacred at work in our own lives.  We are a respectful and supportive group of diverse women who meet to share thoughts and feelings as we travel life’s pathways.  All sharing is confidential.

We begin with lighting a chalice and introducing a theme.  Most Sundays we have a brief check-in followed by a reading from Earth Medicine: Ancestors’ Ways of Harmony for Many Moons by Jamie Sams. Then we have a talking circle guided by questions inspired by the reading.

For each New Moon, we draw Medicine Cards and Sacred Path Cards as tools for examining the role synchronicity plays in teaching life’s lessons.  On Sundays closest to the New Moon, participants are invited to share the cards they have selected and discuss the life lessons and challenges they may be exploring.  This New Moon ritual reminds us of the wisdom sharing of the Clan Mothers as members of the group offer their individual insights to one another.

We close our circle by extinguishing the chalice and acknowledging: “We belong to the oldest religion in the world, and we practice it exactly as our foremothers did 10,000 years ago. We make it up!”

All women are invited to join us for some sacred time on Sundays at 9:00 AM

We are currently meeting on Zoom on first and third Sundays and
in person in Room 303 on second, fourth and fifth Sundays.

 For more information and to receive the Zoom meeting link,
contact us via email: or