First UU Church is set up to help you live out your values.

We aspire to be known throughout the greater Houston area for bringing the principles of Unitarian Universalism, especially the values of love and acceptance, into the public square.

There are many opportunities to become involved. As you can, give of your time and talent to truly demonstrate your values and make a difference.

Most of us long to make the world a better place, but occasionally despair about how to make it happen. First UU Church is engaged with a variety of community partners to advance our mission in the greater Houston area and most of our community projects are aimed to meet the unique needs of our campus neighborhoods.

Helping single moms in the 3rd Ward with life skills as part of our “Signature Project?” Tutoring elementary school kids after school? Rebuilding Together, Houston?  Service after the Service?

Imagine a place where all you had to do was sign up, then show up. All the background work had been done for you. Site location, relationship building, logistics— everything is ready for you. Some projects are ‘one-off,’ others are on-going. Some are for individuals, others for family groups. Some are on weekends, others during the week.

Contact us at for more specific information on all community projects.

At the Thoreau-Richmond Campus, you will find “Service after the Service” opportunities every few months.

First UU Church equips you to live out our Unitarian Universalist principles within our walls and beyond!