UUA General Assembly

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The ministers hope that many of you will choose to attend, either virtually or in person, the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly from June 22 – 26. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other UUs from throughout the country and learn about the exciting things happening within Unitarian Universalism. It’s several days of great events, learning opportunities, and notable speakers.

You can attend virtually, but you may want to consider going in person. Portland is an inland port city in the Pacific Northwest with gorgeous scenery, fun neighborhoods, and June weather that will make you want to delay your flight back to Houston.

And if you’re going in person, you may want to represent us in the big Banner Parade at the Opening Celebration!

First UU Church Members also have the opportunity to represent our church as a delegate. If you are interested in being a delegate, either in person or virtually, read about what is involved HERE. If you are concerned about cost, a limited number of partial scholarships are available.


Contact Rev. Scott at scott@firstuu.org.