News: July 5, 2024

Cover July 7, 2024
Dear Friends and Members,

This July is an exciting month for me- my youngest child turns 14; my oldest gets his driver’s license; my spouse and I celebrate 25 years together; and I become President of our congregation! It’s an honor to be entrusted with this role, and an (intimidating) privilege to follow in the footsteps of the talented and dedicated people who’ve served before me. I’m excited to be coming in at a time of congregational growth, and reassured to be in partnership with both a stellar Board of Directors and an amazing staff.

During last month’s wonderful guest sermon, the Rev. Duncan Teague remarked that our personal connections serve as means of survival during these fraught times. Rev. Teague has a background in public health, and knows of what he speaks- the public health research demonstrates that positive social and community connections are consistently associated with both reduced rates of chronic diseases, and increased longevity. His words reminded me that the work that our congregation does to build community and widen love’s circle not only affirms lives- it literally saves lives. His insight also underscored how our greatest achievements as a covenantal community aren’t always in the end products, but often in the process itself.

My first major task as President is to oversee the due diligence and congregational vote on the possible purchase of the lot located across Fannin Street, for use as parking. The outcome is up to you, the voting members- just as is should be. The part that’s up to me, and the rest of the church leadership, is the process. I won’t pretend that ensuring a transparent, civil, and participatory undertaking won’t be one of the biggest leadership challenges I’ve ever faced. But I’m committing to doing my best. I promise to be be guided by my deep love of this congregation, and a sense of optimism for the future that you have all worked so hard to build.

If you are a member of the congregation, please exercise your right to vote on July 21, either by attending the special called meeting, OR by submitting an absentee ballot in advance .  We encourage all congregants to attend an informational Town Hall meeting, either on July 10  or July 14 . You may also contact with questions or comments.

I look forward to working together to Widen Love’s Circle over the next year!

With love,