Important Developmental Ministry Announcement

From the President of
the Board of Trustees
January 10, 2020

As you know, identifying the developmental minister we’ll be working with over the next five years is the responsibility of the Board. We are thrilled to announce that we have entered into a contract with the Rev. Dr. Colin Bossen so we will be able to continue the work we have started together.

We did not originally think this was an option, but there has been a shift in thinking from the Unitarian Universalist Association. Our UUA regional staff reached out to let us know that they have been listening to what congregations want, and are responding by being more flexible regarding some previously rigid guidelines. The goal in this shift in their thinking is to maintain strong working relationships between clergy and congregations rather than disturb them.

The Board and Rev. Colin, in looking at our work together, see that it has already been a very productive relationship in just this past year and a half of interim ministry. We feel that this is a great match and a fortunate opportunity for the church’s work going forward.

You’ve already heard about our town hall meetings at each campus this coming Sunday, January 12 (following the service), to talk more about developmental ministry and our goals and work during these upcoming five years. The work of developmental ministry is a shared endeavor, not something that is done for the church by a minister and the board, but we are delighted to have a minister with many gifts guiding us on the journey.

Carolyn Leap
President (2019-2020)
Board of Trustees