Loving the Hell Out of the World

Great News!

Make your 2020-2021 Pledge Online HERE!

Our “Loving the Hell Out of the World” Campaign is ongoing and we would like to thank all members and friends who have already submitted their 2020-2021 pledge.

We would like to encourage all members and friends to submit their pledges online as this will save staff time, reduce our environmental impact and increase data accuracy. However, if you prefer, we welcome getting your pledge card in the mail or in person!

We’re going to be “Loving the Hell Out of the World” as First UU Church continues another successful pledge campaign, and look forward to a new year of good work in our beloved community.

Your pledges and contributions are greatly appreciated and will allow First UU Church to continue its mission to advance justice and embrace diversity with love and acceptance.

If you have any questions and/or need assistance, please contact us via email at: admin@firstuu.org (for pledge-related inquiries).

Your pledge may be made for either the Museum District or the Thoreau Campus.

The First UU Church Stewardship Team thanks you for your support!