Parents as Sexuality Educators - Training Session

Parents as Sexuality Educators - Training Session

November 14, 2021

Parents are often unprepared for their role as primary sexuality educators, and we've got ways to help! We know not only that children and youth make better decisions when they can communicate with a parent about their sexuality, but also that the sooner the lines of communication about sexuality are open, the easier and smoother they can be when the topics are trickier.

Trained OWL facilitator Sara Brown, along with other trained volunteers from our First UU OWL teams, will be hosting an 8-week 1-hr Sunday afternoon workshop for parents that covers much of the following: hopes and concerns for children & youth's sexual health, communication,  gender identity, exploring emotions around gender, supporting discovery of sexual orientation, guiding relationships with wisdom, being a trusted source for sexual health, decision making,  consent, building healthy boundaries, social media, and pornography. At least 8 of these topics will be covered, as the choices of how to spend time will be guided by the parents in the group.


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