Justice Coordinating Council


Organizing the talents and voices of our congregation to advocate for policies and practices at all levels of government and society that will positively impact the worth and dignity of people and our planet. 

Volunteers from the Justice Coordinating Council were at the Project Row Houses' new art opening this past Saturday, July 31st. They encouraging everyone to register to vote! Click the image above for more information on the art opening.

Interested in how other Unitarian Universalists are speaking out in support of Palestinian rights? You can read more here! You can also see more ways to support Palestinian rights in your day-to-day life here.

Unitarian Universalists have historically stood up for and worked to make life better for everyone on this side of the grave, especially oppressed and marginalized people. Our first two principles, “The inherent worth and dignity of every person” and “Justice, equity and compassion in human relations” inspire and propel these actions.

Both of our campuses, the Museum District in Harris County and Thoreau in Fort Bend, continue this long tradition. Working for social justice is part and parcel of who we are as a faith community.

Launching a Summer of Action!

With the announced Special Session of the Texas Legislature starting July 8th, there are plenty of opportunities to “live our values out loud.” Can you participate in actions to protect democracy, ensure voting rights for all, fight discrimination towards transgendered people, and advocate for economic justice in bail requirements? The First UU Justice Coordinating Council (JCC) organizes our collective efforts to speak up, take a stand, and mobilize others for justice and compassion in Texas.

Whether your talent is writing letters, making phone calls, testifying to legislators, registering voters, or training others on redistricting lines, we’ve got an opportunity for you! Here are a few ways you can take action:


The Special Session promises another attempt to implement what many have labeled the “most restrictive voting legislation” in the country along with attacks on transgender right and bail bond fairness. The Texas UU Justice Ministry is readying people to protest this legislation with virtual and live testimony.

: Join the team led by Mary K. to find out how to get prepared and participate

Who Represents Me? to urge them to protect the right to vote for every eligible Texan!

Like to write letters to or call legislators? Regardless of their announced opposition Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz need to hear the strong support for HR.1 and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act – transformative national voting rights legislation. More information can be found here. They represent YOU whether your voted for them or not!

: Make a Phone call or write a letter to their offices.


Getting people involved is vital to defending democracy. Do you have a great story about the importance of voting? Able to explain the voting process to others?

TAKE ACTION: Renew your Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar appointment, then sign up to staff voter registration events. Join Harris County VDVR or League of Women Voters-Houston groups on Facebook to volunteer at events across Harris County.

: Make a Phone call or write a letter to their offices.


No liberty is more fundamental than the right to freely choose our representatives through voting. When elected officials manipulate our maps and create gerrymandered districts, it can make voters feel “our votes no longer matter.” Let’s take a stand for democracy! The Texas House has announced regional hearings for virtual testimony for Houston area on July 17th and 20th. You must register in advance to testify.

Saturday, July 10 – 1-230 Testifying before the Legislature, It’s Easier than You Think
All on the Line – Texas hosts a virtual training to get ready for your 3 minutes of fame. Sign up at the All on the Line website for the latest info and training.

The JCC is creating even more opportunities to join the Summer of Action! Join our social justice action team by emailing justicecoordinatingcouncil@firstuu.org

The Unitarian Universalist Association supports our Social Justice efforts, and those of our congregations and fellowships across the country. Read more about those efforts here: https://www.uua.org/justice

Learn how you can become involved in an issue you’re passionate about here: https://www.uua.org/action

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