Covid Guidelines

Health and Safety Guidelines

for the Resumption of In-Person Services and Programs


Starting July 11th, the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston will resume holding in-person services. Two services will be offered: one at 9:30 a.m. and the other at 11:30 a.m. In order to re-open as safely as possible and minimize the spread of COVID-19, the following guidelines are being put in place:

• All staff are required to be vaccinated.

• All volunteers who provide childcare or religious education are required to be vaccinated.

• Congregants, age of 12 and over, are encouraged to be vaccinated.

• Children under 12 are welcome and will be provided with childcare until religious education resumes on August 22nd. Children, not fully vaccinated and aged 5 or older, are requested to wear masks indoors. Parents can decide for children, ages 2-4, though we encourage them to be masked, if possible, given the current CDC guidelines for children this age while indoors and in groups.

When vaccinations are required, individuals are requested to self-disclose their vaccination status to their supervisor (in the case of staff), coordinating staff member, or group leader. Vaccinated buttons are available for those who wish to voluntarily disclose their vaccination status to others.

Masks will be required in the sanctuary, in Channing Hall, and during indoor group meetings. Masks will be provided at the entrance of the sanctuary for those who do not have them and are also available in the administrative office.

The sanctuary will not have a capacity limit. However, it will have five pews that are designated for physical distancing. If someone refuses to wear a mask, they should be politely asked to sit in the section demarcated for physical distancing.

Refreshments (coffee, tea, and water) will be served in Channing Hall following the services. In order to minimize contact, members of the congregation will be served by a designated staff member or volunteer. Starting August 22nd, lunch will be provided following the same guidelines.

Childcare will be provided for children under 12. Rooms for childcare will bewill be measured for capacity to better accommodate physical distancing.

In the event of a known case of COVID, members of the congregation will be notified.

These guidelines will be re-evaluated as circumstances change to determine if they continue to best meet the needs of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston. Please direct questions about them to Tawanna Grice, Business Administrator at or 713.526.5200.