First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston – Covid-19 Protocol Update
Protocol Updated January 7, 2022

Covid-19 numbers in the Greater Houston area have reached record levels and health experts believe the peak of Omicron is still a couple of weeks away.   According to the Texas Medical Center, more people are being admitted to its hospitals daily than ever before. They found that nearly half of the Omicron cases have been among the vaccinated. Such breakthrough cases have caused for a slight shift in our current gathering protocol.

After consulting with the Health Advisory Group, we have decided to continue with in-person services, as well as livestreaming for those of you choosing to enjoy the services from the comforts of your homes. However, the choir and congregational singing will be suspended until further notice.

We will continue to require everyone who enters the church to wear face masks and to remain social distanced. Additional masks are available at the welcome table, sanctuary entrance and front office. We encourage periodic hand washing and sanitizing. We also discourage hugging and handshaking.

Please stay home, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy our services streaming at if you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

Runny Nose
Sore throat

Many are also experiencing fever, cough, and/or loss of smell or taste.

Please be advised that we will suspend serving all refreshments on Sundays before and after services until this highly contagious virus is under control.

Our goal is to keep the congregation as safe as possible. We encourage everyone to “get boosted” if you have not had your 3rd vaccination. If you are experiencing issues with locating a rapid testing site, please contact us at 713-526-5200 for assistance.


Virtual hugs,

Tawanna Grice

Business Administrator