Our path to spiritual depth is three steps: Connect – Grow – Serve.

We invite you to connect with us at a campus near you!

We are one church in two locations. Each campus has it’s own programs and culture, but we are one church. You are welcome to events at either campus, regardless of where you live or which campus you affiliate with.

We have a variety of multiple, diverse opportunities to connect with one another in community. One of the things we offer you is an opportunity to really get to know some people who are enough like you to be comfortable, but different enough to be interesting. These people you see on Sunday morning probably have different beliefs from each other and from you. Some are atheist, others theist, a couple of pagans, some have a Buddhist practice. Everyone is welcome and we are interesting folk!

This is a church where you can bring your whole self to connect with others with love across difference. A great way to do this is through our Small Group Ministry, Growth Groups, or through many other enrichment activities offered on all campuses.

Show up on Sundays. Be curious and open minded. Get to know a few people, let them get to know you. Make a connection.

Check out our campuses pages for local programming and schedules.

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