Climate Action


Climate Action Team

Sundays, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm 

Join us for these UPCOMING Climate Action events!!!

In Our Climate: Who's right?  The Climate Realist or Pollyanna  Steve Stelzer plays the realist and I, Pollyanna, discussing the new book, Bright Green Lies, which criticizes mainstream climate action.  I expect our slides and chat to be provocative and passionate.

Sunday, May 23rd at 1:30pm.  Prior to the meeting, please send an email to to request the Zoom link.

Sunday May 16, 9:15 am
Thoreau UU Adult Discussion
Drawdown, the top 100 climate solutions

Sunday, May 30, noon
Northwoods UU Church
I'm climate positive.  I have offset my climate footprint.  What about you?