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Arts Forum: Texas Southern University Murals: Presented by Dr. Sarah A. Trotter, Ph.D

September 17, 2023

The presentation of the Texas Southern University Murals surveys the earliest murals painted on the walls of Hannah Hall, the second building on the campus. Recruited to start the Art program, Dr. John Biggers and Mr. Carroll Simms who joined him designed a curriculum to produce strong artists/teachers which included a mural requirement. Encapsuled perspectives of this country’s history, the murals start with the segregated experiences of the 1950s and travels through the hopefulness of the 1990’s. The presentation will further explore the content, symbolism, and social context of murals painted during periods of political change. The stylistic approaches of these student artists and their personal stories will be explored as well as the instructional inspiration of their master teacher. Included in the presentation will be a look at the three masterpiece murals of Biggers.

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