1895The Universalist missionary, the the Rev. Quillen Shinn first arrives in Houston and preaches the gospel of Universalism (we are all already saved).

April 30, 1899 Rev. Shinn stays for two weeks, leaving behind a membership list for Unity Universalist Church.
1907 Rev. Shinn dies defending the faith.
1908-1911 Rev. Charles H. Rogers becomes the first settled minister of the First Unitarian Church of Houston
February 14, 1914 We incorporate as First Unitarian Church of Houston, and officially join the American Unitarian Association (AUA), which in 1961, merges with the Universalist Church of America to become the Unitarian Universalist Association.
1917 Unity House (located on Bagby & Rosalie) becomes the congregation’s first permanent home.
1930 Unity House is sold.
1931 A lot on Southmore & Fannin is purchased for $20,000; a member donates a pre-fabricated building for social gatherings; meanwhile services are held at the Warwick Hotel.
1934 We build a one-room church building
1938 The Rev. John C. Petrie becomes minister and first Regional Director of SW Conference (Unitarian churches in TX, LA, OK, AR)
1939 An addition is built for a church school; the monthly newsletter begins
1940 Adult choir program begins; first member canvass (annual fund-raising).
October 1948 Congregation hires architect Tom Graecen to develop plans for the lot on Fannin.
1949 Rev. Petrie resigns his ministry.
January 1950 Rev. Horace F. Westwood is called by the congregation.
March 1952 New building is completed.
June 7, 1954 First Church votes to desegregate services (the first church in Houston to do so).
January 1960 First Church votes to approve merger of Unitarians and Universalists
October 1960 Emerson Unitarian Church opens as “spin off” near the Galleria area of Houston.
1964 Second story addition built for the church school
March 1967 Fire destroys the electronic organ and part of sanctuary; a pipe organ is purchased.
1969 Peace Committee forms in response to the Vietnam War.
1972 Rev. Westwood retires.
January 1973 Rev. Webster Kitchell is called by the congregation.
1974 The church’s first woman Board President, Jackie Cronquist, is elected.
1981 Rev. Kitchell is called away by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
1982 Rev. Robert Schaibly is called by the congregation.
1983 Church becomes sanctuary for Central American refugees.
1987 Houston Area Teen Coalition for Homosexuals (HATCH)Houston Area Teen Coalition for Homosexuals (HATCH), an organization dedicated to empowering GLBTQ adolescents, founded at First Church.
1994 First Church becomes a Welcoming Congregation.
1998 Rev. Gail Lindsay Marriner is called as Associate Minister.
2002 Rev. Schaibly retires; Board appoints Rev. Marriner a Co-minister with Interim (temporary) Minister Rev. Bruce Bode.
2004 Rev. Jose Ballester is called as Co-minister to work with Rev. Marriner.
February 2008 By mutual agreement among the ministers and the Board of Trustees, Rev. Ballester and Rev. Marriner depart from First Church.
August 2008 Rev. Dr. David Keyes is hired as the two year Interim Minister, and church administration moves to a form of policy governance.
August 2010 Rev. Dr. Daniel O’Connell is called as Senior Minister of First Church.
2011 New, church wide short term Social Justice Projects are initiated, and a groundswell of support and participation begins, including up to 70% membership participation.
2012 Signature Social Justice Project (Healthy Parenting Project) is voted on by the congregation. Other projects that were in the running become monthly projects.
January 2013 Northwest Community Unitarian Universalist Church merges with First Unitarian Universalist Church, becoming the Copperfield Campus.
July 2013 Thoreau Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Bend County merges with First Unitarian Universalist Church, becoming the Thoreau/Stafford Campus. The original campus at 5200 Fannin Street becomes the Museum District campus of First UU Church of Houston.
2013 A new focus on “core ministries” along with social justice and enrichment (fun) activities is outlined, and separate publications for each area begin.
2013 Starting with a core idea from our senior minister, our ministers are instrumental in forming the Unitarian Universalist Voice for Justice, a city wide social justice advocacy and response organization. Their activities garner national media recognition.
May 2014 We vote to renew our commitment to the Welcoming Congregation Program at our Annual Meeting.
2014 We begin our “connect, grow, serve” program of building spiritual depth, and start Growth Groups for adults– to take Sunday morning content to the next level.
2014 Museum District campus begins a $250,000 capital campaign to shore up the foundation, overhaul the 1st floor restrooms, and provide an aesthetically pleasing (and fun!) playground for children. Within two years, the money is raised, the playground is complete. A year later, the foundation and rest rooms are complete.
2015 Our Copperfield Campus begins a new adult spirituality development program.
May 2017 We purchase a 5 acre property with a house and renovate it to help move the Stafford campus to Richmond, TX
July 2018 The Copperfield Campus changes its name to Tapestry and moves to Spring, meeting at the Congregation Jewish Community North.
November, 2018 The Thoreau Campus moves to its new 5 acre wooded lot in Richmond.