Discussion Circle

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston - Discussion Circle

10:15 to 11:15 am
By Zoom and In Person in Room 302

      All are welcome for facilitated, fun, educational discussions on a variety of topics. We honor our covenant and group guidelines (see below), to create a safe community for sharing our differing perspectives and learning from each other.  Masks are required when we meet in person at church, and no drinks are allowed except outside the room. The ZOOM room opens Sundays around 10 am to meet and greet each other.

Upcoming Topics and Facilitators

Sunday, October 17

By Zoom & In Person* at Church.

What are some movies and TV shows that you have enjoyed during the pandemic, and why did you like them? Facilitator: John H

Sunday, October 24

By Zoom & In Person* at Church.  

How can you find and use your passion? 
Facilitator: Stan

Sunday, October 31

By Zoom & In Person* at Church.

How has the celebration of Halloween and other holidays changed for you since childhood and during the pandemic? 
Facilitator: Jim G

* “By Zoom and In Person at Church” means we will meet in Room 302 facing a large TV screen, while we are also connecting with people using Zoom. This is called a “Hybrid” or “Multi-Platform” meeting.

We follow the group covenant and guidelines listed below.


We, the participants, facilitators and leaders, covenant and agree:


To create a safe, supportive, mindful and confidential community where we practice our UU values and principles.


1.  To listen actively with curiosity and compassion especially when we disagree.

2.  To participate respectfully by raising our hand, waiting to be called on by the facilitator, and limiting our sharing to 1 to 2 minutes, so that we all get the opportunity to share once or twice if we so desire.

3.  FOR ZOOM GROUPS:  To reduce distractions by muting our microphones except when we have been recognized by the facilitator.

4.  To share from our own personal experience and beliefs making “I” statements, and to refrain from stereotyping any category of people, including our own group.

5.  To reduce distractions by refraining from side conversations, and by refraining from interrupting people with questions, waiting until it is our turn to speak.

6.  To refrain from using the Chat function to send messages to everyone, and to raise our hand instead to take a turn to share our thoughts with the group.

7.  To accept that some concepts or statements might make us feel uncomfortable.

8.  To appreciate our differing perspectives and to accept with compassion that we are each on our own journey as we become more aware of our biases regarding race, social class, gender, and other classifications.

      The Facilitators and Leaders are responsible for following and upholding our guidelines.