Discussion Circle

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston - Discussion Circle

Join us for fun, facilitated, educational discussions on a variety of topics where everyone follows group guidelines to create a safe, friendly environment.
All are welcome!
The Zoom meeting room currently opens at 11:45 a.m.
Please note that starting October 4, the new start time for this group will be 12:00 PM.

Upcoming Topics and Facilitators

Sunday, Jan. 10: from 12 to 1 pm: 
What would you like Joe Biden to do when he takes office? Facilitator: James W.

Sunday, Jan. 17: from 12 to 1 pm: 
The Unconscious Mind.
Facilitator: Jan M.

Sunday, Jan. 24: from 12 to 1 pm:
How might we use brain biology to better understand our cultural divides? A discussion of the impact of chronic stress. 
Facilitator: Dianne R.  

:  See Ezra Klein Interview of Robert Sapolsky on Best of: Robert Sapolsky on “the toxic intersection of poverty and stress”: Go to https://www.vox.com/pages/podcasts, scroll down to Ezra Klein Show and see Sapolsky interview.

Sunday, Jan. 31: from 12 to 1 pm: 

Why is civilian oversight of police conduct important and what changes are needed at HPD? 

Facilitator: John H.