Wednesday Discussions and Programs

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston – Anti-Racism – Online Groups – 1

 Join us for fun, facilitated, educational discussions on a variety of topics, where everyone follows and honors our group guidelines/covenant to create a safe, friendly environment.  All are welcome. The Zoom Room opens 15 minutes prior to posted start time for Meet & Greet.

May 5:  Facilitator Kianna T. asks  Can we reform the oppressive systems from 1789, or should we just start over?

May 12: Facilitator James W. asks Why hasn’t America had a female president yet?

May 19:  Facilitator Eric B. asks:  What are the different characteristics women leaders bring to crisis situations?  
A team meeting follows to choose topics for June.

May 26:  Facilitator John H. discusses:  Many older Houston neighborhoods continue to have deed restrictions that contain race-based clauses that are illegal and unenforceable. How important is it to get these deed restrictions legally removed, and why is it so difficult?

Please send an email to to request the Zoom meeting link. Thank you!