Topic: Tapestry in Spring

The Power of Uncertainty – Tapestry Campus

The Power of Uncertainty

When we think of mystery and wonder, we sometimes think about the grand majesty of nature or the origins of existence. Of all the mystery in the universe, though, sometimes the greatest mystery is within other human beings. We can fool ourselves … read more.

Habits of the Heart

Tapestry Campus in Spring. This sermon will tend to ways Unitarian Universalist communities can be places of welcome and sanctuary during periods of crisis and transition. Delivered by Ben Walker.

Democracy in Crisis

Tapestry Campus in Spring. Democracy across the globe is in crisis. No matter who wins the midterm elections, this will continue to be true. How should Unitarian Universalist communities respond during times such as these? Written by Rev. Dr. Colin Bossen. Delivered by Sherry Stewart

The Four Agreements, Part I

Tapestry Campus. On Sunday, our guest speaker, Patti Henry, will look at the first of the Four Agreements, as suggested by Miguel Ruiz in his best-selling book of the same name, that you must make with yourself to have a happy and effective life. This … read more.

Rules of the Game

Tapestry – Sometimes things change without our permission, like someone has changed the rules on us mid-game without warning us. This often provokes some anxiety for a lot of us. Sometimes, there are changes we long for, though. Changes we want in our own lives … read more.