Topic: Museum District

Candles of Hope

Museum District. On the first Sunday of Advent, we’ll pause to kindle candles of hope against hard times and the falling of the light. The Rev. Dr. Colin Bossen will be in the pulpit.

How am I thankful? Let me count the ways.

Museum District. After 9 months of the cancer roller coaster, our guest speaker, Patti Henry, has learned a few things about gratitude. Please come and hear this joyous sermon!

Bread Communion

Museum District. Come hear the story of Sankofa from the Ghanian tradition: a bird that faces forward, but also looks back to retrieve that which should not be forgotten. Bring some bread that connects to your ancestors or your current family traditions. We will bless … read more.

Collective Memory

Museum District: We will gather to observe the combined holidays of Halloween, Samhain, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. As we do we will examine how the development of a shared story is a form of spiritual practice that helps to maintain our families … read more.

We Make the Road by Walking

Museum District: The sermon title comes from a dialogue between the great practitioners of liberation education Paulo Freire and Myles Horton.  The sermon will be a chance to reflect upon how we can collectively engage in spiritual practices to nourish us as we struggle for … read more.

Who Are Our Neighbors?

Museum District: Our Assistant Minister, Rev. Dr. Dan King will share his reflections on the question “Who are our neighbors?” in the light of our response as a community and as individuals to the spiritual implications of the first UU principle to uphold the worth … read more.

Throw Away Society

Patti Henry, Psychotherapist, author, & motivational speaker from Houston

We throw away, throw away, throw away: packaging, plastics, glass, food, relationships, and people. What does this do to our environment and also, our psyches?

Delivered at Museum District Campus

What Love Looks Like

Being accepted is a fundamental human need, yet we often struggle with how to welcome others without hiding or giving up some part pf ourselves. The easy answer is to only welcome people who seem to be like us, but our shared principles call us … read more.