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The Hush of Midnight

Museum District.

Celebrate the mystery of the holiday season with a special Music Service featuring The Sanctuary Choir, directed by Mark Vogel, and accompanied by Bob Fazakerly, and our Chamber Instrumental Ensemble. Experience traditional music of Christmas and Chanukah, along with evocative readings exploring themes of … read more.

Candles of Hope

Museum District. On the first Sunday of Advent, we’ll pause to kindle candles of hope against hard times and the falling of the light. The Rev. Dr. Colin Bossen will be in the pulpit.

How am I thankful? Let me count the ways.

Museum District. After 9 months of the cancer roller coaster, our guest speaker, Patti Henry, has learned a few things about gratitude. Please come and hear this joyous sermon!

Bread Communion

Museum District. Come hear the story of Sankofa from the Ghanian tradition: a bird that faces forward, but also looks back to retrieve that which should not be forgotten. Bring some bread that connects to your ancestors or your current family traditions. We will bless … read more.