Topic: Museum District

A Year Made Better by Our Care

Museum District – 10:30 am

What if hope and attention fuel our power for real change?  How do we wrestle with the concepts of good and evil?  How do we deepen the wells that provide sources of hope for ourselves and others?  What do you hope … read more.

Disrupting White Supremacy

Museum District – 10:30 am

White supremacy has disrupted lives and shattered communities for generations.  What would it mean to be a religious community devoted to disrupting it?


D. Scott Cooper, Assistant Minister for Congregational Life, preaching

Museum District – 10:30 am

Bestselling author and businessman Jay Samit wrote, “All Disruption starts with introspection.”  Disruption is a term used in theology, a business buzz-word, and often seen as a negative rather than something to be … read more.

Water Communion

Museum District – 10:30 am

Rev. Dr. Colin Bossen and Carol Burrus will be leading our annual water communion service. Bring water from your Summer travels, back yard bird bath, rain gauge, or other places that have a special meaning to you for adding to our … read more.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Museum District – 10:30 am

Psychologist C.G Jung developed a paradigm for psychological growth called individuation and believed it to be humanity’s most important work.  From a Jungian perspective, the Exodus account of Moses’ early life becomes a map to freedom through the arduous inner work … read more.

Reflections From an Aging Mirror

Museum District Campus – Reflections on 30 years of ministry which includes, of course, some aging! I am currently serving on the board of UURMAPA-UU Retired Ministers & Partners, and I enjoy getting together with the ministers I remember from the old days, when … read more.