Thoreau’s Art Wall features photography and art from members, their families, and friends. Work is exhibited for 3-4 months on two of the walls at the Thoreau campus.
In the future Thoreau will be exchanging exhibits with other Unitarian Churches in the Greater Houston area. Please contact Tamara Veneruso if you are interested in showing your artistic work:

Thoreau’s Art Wall from April 1st through June 30th


Nina Benedetto – Artist Statement

My work is in response to life’s twists and turns. Somewhere between allegory and realism, these paintings can be understood as ‘envisions’ meant for the viewer to imagine ideas or ponder possibilities.

Here images and words intersect, and nouns and verbs often merge. The title of each piece provides a skeleton key into these riddles of mixed metaphors, mythology, puns, aphorisms, and cross cultural allusions. Viewers are allowed into a world where the universal is made personal and the personal universal.

Nina Benedetto Bio

Nina Benedetto comes to her easel with fresh perspectives, perhaps in part because she is BOTH a first generation Czech/Mexican/American and a second generation Italian/Irish/American. From this rich heritage, she has developed a “pan-cultural” appreciation of imagery which is fully embodied in the nature of her work, and further enriched by travel experiences and her own children’s marriages into Hindu and Buddhist families. Nina grew up in the special setting of the Old South, where she was the middle child of nine. Nina loves to paint, and loves paint… to the point of being tempted to try to “taste” those colors… as if they were icing on a cake! She smears textures like peanut butter or dense fudge in layers, but “seasons” her creations with “spicy” colors which excite her palette, and uses repetitive and rhythmic patterns which “stir the pot” of consciousness in unpredictable ways.

Nina is a UU minister’s wife (Rev. Dr. Dan King)  and has been a devoted presenter and teacher for all ages in many UU churches. Tackling issues like bullying, discrimination and gender fluidity, Nina writes children’s books for adults. Her “Wonder Wisdom Books” speak to the heart of tricky situations and sticky relationships. At the end of each story are Wonder Wisdom pages that extend the learning and open dialogues between and amongst adults and children. They are available on Amazon