No matter where you are on your own spiritual path, you are invited to be a part of what we co-create in worship every week:

    • Museum District Campus – 10:30 am
    • Thoreau Richmond Campus – 10:45 am

Sunday Experience is the center of our community life. Our church uses multi-week themes that feed your mind, fill your heart, and lift your spirit. We are one church with two locations sharing sermon topics and themes.

Our liturgy is uniquely Unitarian Universalist, but it draws from many different religious sources. We consider

  • our own religious experience
  • words & deeds of prophetic women & men
  • wisdom from the world’s religions
  • humanist teachings
  • earth centered spirituality
  • and others.

Our service leaders provide inspirational stories and readings – both ancient & modern.

Our sermons give you something new to think about, move you emotionally, and inspire you to live out your values.

Take a moment to pause. Create your own sacred space for reflection.

Practice gratitude and generosity.

Listen to moving music, and sing with a crowd.

Perhaps join a table for conversation or small group ministry after worship, or participate in a “Service after the Service”.

We look forward to you joining us – your regular participation will connect you to our community and deepen your faith.

Whatever your religious background, whether you believe little or much, whatever way you name the sacred, you are welcome at First Church!