Our Sunday services are about an hour long and most come with a 20 minute message from one of our Unitarian Universalist ministers, or an outside speaker.  We usually present 3 or 4 sermons on a single theme by different ministers over a month.

Many sermons are video-taped at Museum District for later viewing at our campuses, or for web viewing.

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Check out some of our recent sermons and video links below.

Disrupting White Supremacy

Thoreau / Richmond campus – 10:45 am

White supremacy has disrupted lives and shattered communities for generations.  What would it mean to be a religious community devoted to disrupting it?  The Rev. Dr. Colin Bossen will be in the pulpit via video.


Thoreau / Richmond campus – 10:45 am

D. Scott Cooper, Assistant Minister for Congregational Life, preaching. Please join us to welcome our new Assistant Minister on his first visit to Thoreau. Bestselling author and businessman Jay Samit wrote, “All Disruption starts with introspection.” … read more.