Healthy Communication Teams

Our Healthy Communication Teams (HCT) at each campus seek to foster constructive dialogue between members and leaders and to help head off conflicts before they become serious.

The Museum District Campus HCT consists of 5 members. We have a table and a book out almost every Sunday. We’re there to talk with you and help you express your compliments and concerns in a constructive way.

Stop by and say hello~

  • Connie Acosta, chair
  • Robert Barnett
  • Earl Dredge
  • Ruth Hoffman
  • Kathy Kinson

You can also contact us at

The Thoreau Campus HCT will have their book out on the second Sunday of the month for your comments and concerns. Or, you can email the HCT at

  • Johanna DeYoung
  • Cassey Crouch
  • Richard Miller