November 14, 2019

In my last newsletter article, I described some of the exciting events we had coming up in our community. Several of them took place as planned, and were even better than anticipated.

My Ordination weekend in Dallas was amazing. Thank you to everyone who made the trip up I-45 to wish me well. Houston was well represented, and I saw many long-time friends and family.

The following Sunday, the Museum District campus held a reception to continue the celebration, where I was presented gifts from the congregation, the office staff and Rev. Colin. Many thanks, and much appreciation, and I hope everyone got some dessert! On that same Sunday was the breathtaking Fauré Requiem, featuring our Sanctuary Choir directed by Mark Vogel. What a wonderful and memorable way to observe All Souls’ Sunday. (A recording is available in our YouTube channel here).

Congratulations are in order for those at the Thoreau Campus for two successful events; first, their Auction, which not only met, but surpassed their goal!

Second, this past Saturday was the Dedication of the new Thoreau Campus. It was a beautiful day, and a truly beautiful service was held to dedicate the space that is becoming the hub of Unitarian Universalism in Fort Bend County. Folks from both campuses (as well as Emerson), guests and visitors, and former members and ministers were on hand to celebrate.

Speaking of auctions, the Museum District auction is this upcoming Saturday, November 16.  Join us “Under the Stars” for your chance to bid on some great items. You’ll even have a chance to bid on being a guest at a Dinner Party hosted by me and my husband, Conrad. Those who enjoyed the reception after my ordination will attest to what a great host Conrad is! (Visit our Auction page and check out our auction catalog here).

To continue the theme of food and great hosts, Peggy Harvey and Paul Hornick are again graciously organizing the annual Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner. It’s on Thursday, November 28 (naturally) at 2:00 pm at the Museum District Campus, and, of course, folks from both campuses are encouraged to participate.

  • Don’t be afraid to come if you’ve never made anything for a potluck before, I found a few guidelines online to help:
  • Bring your own serving utensils and any condiments that go with your dish.
  • Use this as an opportunity to show off what you do best! (Not just what you cook best! If what you do best is go to Whole Foods and buy prepared food, go for it!)
  • Bring the right amount! Plan to fit the serving size to half the guest list (35 came last year, so 15 – 20 servings will work!), assuming that not everyone will try it and those who do will want a taste, not a proper portion.
  • Make good use of your slow cooker, if you have one. Dishes that can be served in a crock-pot are potluck gold. A good guest brings a slow cooker. A GREAT guest brings an extension cord (and offers to share it).
  • Pitch in to help anywhere help is needed. Aren’t sure what to do? Ask the hosts.

Above all, enjoy yourself! Whether you’re a potluck newbie, experienced guest, or host, a potluck supper means learning a little bit more about food from your friends and neighbors—and a little more about your friends and neighbors through food.

Please RSVP by Sunday, November 24th. Sign-up at the Museum District Office or by sending an email to Send your message to Peggy or Paul’s attention to RSVP and sign up to help prepare and serve.

If you would like to help serve the church and fancy yourself technologically inclined, perhaps you’d like to help with AV on Sunday mornings and for special events. If so, shoot me an email –

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