A Year Made Better by Our Care

What if hope and attention fuel our power for real change? How do we wrestle with the concepts of good and evil? How do we deepen the wells that provide sources of hope for ourselves and others? What do you hope will change for the better this year?

Join us on Sunday, September 22 to light a spark in the way you think about hope in the days to come.

Paula Cole Jones, the UUA’s Interim Central East Region Congregational Life Staff , will be our very special guest in the pulpit on Sunday, Sept. 22.

Museum District Campus
5200 Fannin St.
Houston, TX  77004

Parking (Sundays):
Feel free to park in the bank parking lot (Southmore and Fannin) or the parking lot available behind the church.

It’s also possible to take the MetroRail and walk
(5200 Fannin at the corner of Fannin St. and Southmore Blvd).