Loving the hell out of the world

A Message from the Stewardship Team

I have been volunteering with the First UU Church Stewardship Team for the past ten years or so. It has been very fulfilling to do my small part to ensure the church has the financial resources needed each year. This is not because I am some great fundraiser. To be honest, I hate asking people for money so please, please, submit your pledge on time! (Either through the online process available if you click HERE, or by completing your pledge card.)

I do, however, fully appreciate the need for every single member of the community to participate in the financial support of First UU Church.

My mom was a “PK.” For those of you unfamiliar with that label, it is short for Preacher’s Kid. I grew up knowing it was the generosity and support of the members of my grandfather’s congregations that supported her family, put food on their table, and enabled her to get a good education. Those resources came from hard-working people just like you and me — those who believed in the important work the church was doing.

Given mom’s upbringing and appreciating the importance of supporting the church financially, stewardship was a concept that was drilled into my sisters and me ever since I can remember. Starting when I was just three years old, I took a nickel to put in the offering plate in my Sunday School class every week. That turned into a quarter by the 2nd grade and when I started earning my own money through part-time jobs, I gave part of that to the church.

When I was younger, I gave because I was supposed to. Then I attended college and did not attend church. A considerable amount of time passed without me having a church community, even after college. When my first child was born, I started going because I felt it was important for him to have a church home. Although it was a bit too conservative for me, I attended services regularly, sang in the choir and made financial gifts. However, it never felt quite right. Again, I was doing it because I was supposed to.

When I found First UU Church, I heard Rev. Bob Schaibly preach and convinced my husband to join me on Sundays, it was all different. I no longer gave because I was supposed to. I gave because I wanted to be a supporter of the wonderful things that happen at First UU Church.

Another Stewardship Team member often says, “give until it feels good.” That is what I started doing. That is what I’d like to ask you to do as well. Don’t give because you are supposed to. Give because you love this community and you want to support it. Give because of the opportunity for community it provides. Give because it is the place where you find like-minded people who want to make the world a better place. Give because it feels good!

Sue P.
2020 Stewardship Team