We invite you to get involved with one or more of our small groups.

Joining a small group is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other people and feel connected to our community.  Our opportunities change often, with new workshops as well as changes in ongoing regular groups.  We provide and updated flyer each week at church and update the information on this page periodically.

Once you get involved in a group you will be informed by e-mail and, in some cases, there are Facebook groups to stay informed.

There are a number of small groups meeting at the Museum District in Spring-Summer 2019. Check out the Museum District Connections page for more details, or contact Carol Burrus, our director of religious education: carol@firstuu.org for the latest information or come to church any Sunday morning for more information.

At Thoreau campus, small groups are organized by congregant interest. There are a number of Adult Enrichment activities scheduled, including Adult Discussion Group, which is held every Sunday morning. Please see the Thoreau Adult Enrichment page for details, and contact any member of the Campus Advisory Team if you are interested in proposing a small group.

Our Mission

Provide learning and spiritual experiences for adults in and outside the church.

We seek to provide opportunities to:

·         connect more deeply to life’s meaning

·         live out our values in an authentic way

·          engage in meaningful discussions and experiences

·         embrace diversity

·         support each other’s spiritual, emotional and physical well-being

If you are interested in joining our Connections: Adult Enrichment Planning Team, please let us know.   Contact Carol Burrus, Director of Religious Education:   carol@firstuu.org