When we speak our truth honestly and with compassion. When we listen carefully to other viewpoints.

Because of our diversity, we expect differences of opinion, but we also seek to avoid needless argument. In all churches, conflict can destroy the kind of community we seek to create. Our Healthy Communication Team (HCT) seeks to foster constructive dialogue between members and leaders and to help head off conflicts before they become serious.

To prevent disagreements from festering, we often simply provide information about governance structure and procedureā€”letting people know, for example, whom to talk to about this or that concern. We also try to keep the staff and ministers informed about congregational concerns.

We help you write up your entry, and we send it on to the ministers, and they will reply to you. Also, a monthly digest goes to our board of trustees.

For details about the current Healthy Communications Team, go to the Resources page.

You can also contact us at HCT@firstuu.org.