On November 16, First UU Church members and friends enjoyed a fun-filled evening during the 2019 Annual Auction. Many placed bids on their favorite items while enjoying good company and food. Later in the evening, there was a lot of excitement and friendly competition during the live auction.

At the end of the night we also celebrated as our fundraising goal was reached and exceeded one more time with a total of $29,550 in contributions.

The 2019 Auction would not have been possible without the hard work and commitment from many members, friends and volunteers; as well as the strong financial support from all underwriters and auction participants.

Our sincere appreciation goes to:

Auction Team Members
Peggy Harvey, Irma Guerra, Phil Richardson, Elizabeth Asnes, and Joe Lach.

Adrian Melissinos, Bob Miller, Brian & Leslie Morrison, Charles D. Johnson, David Elias, Dina Stucker, Edi Shreeve, John and Joyce Ambler, John Meltzer, Judy and Phil Richardson, Karen and Bunny Carlson, Leonora Montgomery, Linda-Beth J. Riggs, Lois & Bob Hardt , Lydia Luz, Paige Hershey & Irma Guerra, and Peggy Harvey & Paul Hornick.

Penny Cerling, Linda Beth Johnson-Riggs, Connie Acosta, Mary Ann Cheslock, Paul Hornick, Diane Stotz, Lois Hardt, Ruth Hoffman-Lach, and Gustavo Hernández and family (Clara Mendoza, April, Chris and Aurora).

Graphics and Publicity
Bunny Carlson, Alma Viscarra, and Jon Naylor

Finance and Management
Tawanna Grice 

Georgette Dredge, Kathy Kennedy, Marcia Livingston and Jimmy Allen.

Earl Dredge

Kitchen and Bar Prep
Gustavo Hernández’ family and Joe Zuchlewski

We also wish to thank everybody else not listed above for their support!
Please check back with us next week as we will be sharing some pictures and additional notes about our 2019 Auction.